Gypsy Costumes

These colorful outfits come with short skirts or you can get one with a longer skirt. Also they come in a variety of different colors. Add a scarf over your hair and a pair of high heels to complete your look. Pair one of these sexy costumes with a fortune teller’s crystal ball or a deck of Tarot cards and you’ll be the life of any Halloween party.

Sexy Gypsy Princess Adult CostumeGypsy Moon Adult CostumeInCharacter Costumes, LLC Fortune Teller DressInCharacter Costumes, LLC Women’s Gypsy CostumeDisguise Unisex – Adult Bohemian BabePlus Gypsy Maiden CostumeInCharacter Costumes, LLC Gypsy Teen DressBe Wicked Women’s 5 Piece Tempting Gypsy

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